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    Scrap Car Collection Service In Essex

    Welcome to Clayton Carz, a company dedicated to collecting scrap cars across Essex and surrounding areas. Our team are here to help you remove your car for the best price possible. To get in touch with us simply call us or fill out the form located at the top of page and we will offer you a top price for your scrap vehicle.

    Our scrap car collection service has been operating for over 25 years, collecting 7 days a week. Our team of drivers collect plenty of cars from the region during a week. All our drivers will collect your vehicle with a car transporter and pay the agreed amount of money.

    We can help to you remove your end of life car today whether its broken down on the motorway or stuck in a garage. Call us and we will send a driver out to you within the hour.

    How Do I Scrap My Car In Essex?

    Sell Your Scrap Car Today For Cash In Essex

    Maybe your car has been involved in accident and needs removing , we are your best option for scrap car removal service near you. Alternatively you may have a non runner that is taking up valuable driveway space.

    We are top buyers of all scrap cars in any condition. Some of the common car condition we see when collecting end of life vehicles is:

    • Damaged
    • End Of Life
    • Abandoned
    • Unroadworthy
    • Salvage
    • Non Runner
    • Junk Cars
    • Water Damaged Cars
    • Mot Failed

    About Essex & Interesting Facts

    Essex is a county in England immediately north-east of London. It borders the counties of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire to the north, Hertfordshire to the west, Kent across the estuary of the River Thames to the south and London to the south-west. The county town is Chelmsford, which is the only city in the county.

    The name comes from the Anglo Saxons, who first used the name “Eastseaxe”

    Didn’t you know there are more speed cameras per liner mile in Essex than anywhere else in the entire world. Wow that crazy!

    Manningtree is the smallest town in the county. Its size being around 47 acres big.

    It contains two of richest areas being Brentwood and Ingatestone.

    The highest point in Essex is Chrishall Common near Langley.

    essex town hall

    Why Use Clayton Carz To Scrap A Car?

    Your thoughts are probably why would I use Clayton Carz to “scrap my car in Essex” well this is were we convince you choose us. For starters we are licensed scrap yard with many years of experience in the scrap car removal market. Disposing of vehicles safely and legally is our number one responsibility we take the car scrapping law’s seriously and full them to the best of our ability. Not convinced yet? Well if that was not enough to impress you this certainly will. We are a car scrapping company with over 20 years of experience! It all started with one man and car transporter crazy! We have a good reputation for offering high car scrap prices. That will match or even beat competition prices.

    Why Should I Scrap My Car?

    Well there are many great reasons to say goodbye to your old car. The common case is that the car is getting old and wore out and is slowly becoming less efficient and more expensive to fix. The great part is that we remove your worries away and you get paid too!. Another reasons is that the car is taking up space in the garage or on driveway this is a great solution to that problem.

    How Much Will I Get For My Scrap Car?

    It Depends. Some of the mains factors are:

    • Weight of the car
    • Car complete
    • Scrap market

    What Vehicles Do You Collect?

    We do not just collect scrap cars. We buy all everything on four wheels and two:

    • Cars
    • Vans
    • Lorry’s
    • Motorbike
    • Classic Cars

    What Documents Do I Need?

    You will be happy to know there is not many documents that are required when disposing of a scrap car. By far the most important document of all is the V5c logbook which is needed if for some reason you have misplaced the logbook please tell us over the phone. As the price may drop. If have a copy of service history and the latest MOT certificate then that would be greatly apricated. This makes our life easier if we decide to resell the car to new owner.

    Keeping The Environment In Mind When Scrapping A Car

    One of our top objective here at Clayton Carz is that all cars crushed are not harmful for the environment when being crushed. There are procedures put in place by law to prevent the spilling of harmful chemicals to the wildlife. When a car is taken to a scrap yard then it will be depolluted by removing oils, fuels this prevents them from polluting near by rivers and lakes.

    What an amazing company i called them they offered me an outstanding quote and then a lovely driver came and payed me cash for my car. Impressive service.

    Marcie Chen, Audi A5 In Basildon

    Clayton Carz collected my scrap van from the side of road with no problem. The driver payed me cash in hand on collection.

    Carol Robin, BMW M5 in Chelmsford