Scrap My Car Essex

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    Scrap My Car Essex

    Our scrap my car service makes scrapping your car in Essex easy and hassle-free. We run our collection service throughout the week collecting any type of scrap vehicles from residents across Essex. So, if looking to get rid of your damaged, end of life car call us today or fill out your details in our scrap car form.

    Here at Clayton Carz, we specialize in the removal of scrap cars in any condition. You name it we will take it. We also buy motorbikes and vans!

    We can help to you remove your end of life car today whether it is broken down on the motorway or stuck in a garage. Call us and we will send a driver out to you within the hour.

    How Does Scrap Car Process Service Work?

    The process of scrapping your car is easy. The 3 steps are listed below.

    Why Should I Scrap My Car?

    It may be time to scrap your car if the repair bills are costing more than the car is worth. For residents of Essex who live in areas that have good transport links, a car may not be necessary. Scrapping your car is a great way of getting a fair cash price for your old and damaged car.

    1) Scraping your car is eco-friendly because it cuts down on pollution created by cars on our roads

    2) It may be cheaper than fixing up your junker

    3) Getting rid of an old clunker and selling it could provide much-needed cash flow

    4) Not having enough money to make repairs could force you into scrapping your vehicle because you can’t afford anything else

    5) Scrapping a vehicle ensures that you will have less responsibility and fewer hassles when it comes time for repairs.

    Why Use Clayton Carz?

    I know that your first thought is probably “Why would I use Clayton Carz to scrap my car in Essex”? Well, here are some great reasons.

    We are a licensed scrap yard with many years of experience in the scrap car removal market. Disposing of vehicles safely and legally is our number one responsibility we take the car scrapping laws seriously and fulfil them to the best of our ability.

    We pay the best scrap car prices in Essex, Customers rate our prices on average higher than other scrap car companies. However, if we are beaten on price please speak to one of our team and see if we can beat the quote or match it.

    We cover all of Essex, Regardless of what location your car is in Essex, we can have a truck out to your location within a short period.

    How Much Will I Get For My Scrap Car?

    Different scrap car dealers and scrap yards pay different amounts for different makes and models of cars. There is no universal price for all cars.

    Here are some of the main factors scrap yards use to estimate your price.

    • The age of the car (newer cars are more valuable on the car market, so they are eligible for higher prices)
    • The condition of the car
    • The car is complete (engine, gearbox, wheels, interior, etc.)
    • Alloy wheels
    • Weight of the car (heavier cars are worth more in scrap since they contain more metal)

    For a free valuation, contact us today.

    What Documents Do I Need?

    You will be happy to know there are not many documents that are required when disposing of a scrap car. By far the most important document of all is the V5c logbook which is needed if for some reason you have misplaced the logbook please tell us over the phone. As the price may drop. If have a copy of service history and the latest MOT certificate then that would be greatly appreciated. This makes our life easier if we decide to resell the car to a new owner.

    Keeping The Environment In Mind When Scrapping A Car

    At Clayton Carz, one of our primary goals is to ensure that all cars are crushed in an environmentally safe manner. There are procedures put in place by law to prevent the spilling of harmful chemicals to wildlife. When a car is taken to a scrap yard then it will be depolluted by removing oils, and fuels this prevents them from polluting nearby rivers and lakes.

    Scrap My Car Essex
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    “After trying a few companies, I found this one to be the best. Professional, punctual, and gave a great price. Will definitely use and recommend to anyone I know.”

    “Spoke to a man on the phone, he gave me a quote and came to collect the car the same day. Very friendly and kept me updated on when he was arriving. Kept to his word on the quoted price and was all done very swiftly.”

    “Overall a pleasant process to scrap my car they made it easy and quick thanks”


    We do not just collect cars. We buy any motor!

    • Scrap Cars
    • Scrap Vans
    • Scrap Lorry’s
    • Scrap Motorbike

    You can. You’ll need to retain your car’s registration before it is collected. You can do this either online or by mail. The registration will then be kept on a retention certificate, ready to be transferred to another vehicle.

    Yes, we certainly can. Just please note the overall price you will get will be lower due to the equipment involved in uplifting your car.
    Our scrap prices are based on the weight of your vehicle and the elements we can salvage for parts. Any additional modifications or extras will not increase the scrap price.
    Yes, we do. We have the equipment to collect any size commercial vehicle.