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    Scrap My Car For Cash In Romford

    When it comes to scrapping your car in Romford, our scrap my car service is the best option for you. We provide instant car scrappage quotes that are guaranteed for 48 hours so that you can be sure that you are getting the best scrap car price possible.

    Scrapping Your Vehicle In Romford Is Easy

    Why Use Clayton Carz?

    It is a great question to ask before scrapping a car with any company and one we can answer. Clayton Carz has over 20 years of experience in the scrap car market and has built a range of scrap car collection drivers across London & Essex that can collect at your convenience. We can work to your hours making your life easier. There are so many reasons why we should be your first choice when it comes to getting rid of a scrap vehicle. Below are a handful of reasons to use our services over competitors:

    Speedy/Fast Collection Service – As we are located nearby, We can collect within the same hour as being contacted.

    No Hidden Fees – This includes fuel costs as well, which helps you get the best price possible.

    Great Prices Paid – We pride ourselves on giving the best in the price category for scrap vehicles.

    5 Star reviews – Recent customers have rated our service 5 stars.


    The Kind Of Scrap Cars We Collect in Romford

    We are top buyers of all cars in any condition. Some of the common car conditions we see when collecting end-of-life vehicles are:

    • Damaged
    • End Of Life
    • Abandoned
    • Unroadworthy
    • Salvage
    • Non-Runner’s
    • Junk
    • Water Damaged
    • Mot Failure’s

    We Scrap All Makes Of Cars

    We always work closely with specialist scrap car buyers to get you the best possible price.



















    Get The Best Price For Your Scrap Vehicle In Romford

    The answer varies from car to car. There are three main factors when it comes to pricing the value of a car.

    • Weight of the car – This can have a massive effect on price as some cars weigh more in scrap metal per ton than other cars. For example, a Nissan Micra weighs just under a ton at 980kg so it would be worth less than a BMW X5 that weighs just over 2 tons at 2100 kg.
    • Car complete – Most scrap yards In Romford like cars complete. The main parts the yard is looking for when they mean complete are catalytic converter, battery & general running gear e.g. engine, and suspension.
    • Scrap market – Depending on how the scrap metal value is throughout the year prices may drop and rise in turn affecting scrap car value and how much they are worth.

    How Is Payment Handled?

    Payment for your scrap car will be in cash on collection or can be a bank transfer if preferred. 

    Who Handles The Paperwork?

    Our driver arriving to collect your car will handle all necessary paperwork and guide you through the process.

    Scrap Car Without Keys?

    We will still collect your vehicle without keys. Worst-case scenario the handbrake could be stuck and we would have to bring a lorry with a Hiab which delays collection process but our team will still give you the best money even with the difficult situation.