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    Scrap My Van Near Me

    If you’re looking to scrap your van for instant cash, contact us here at Clayton Carz. We pay the top prices for van scrappage, and provide instant collection from all areas of London, Essex & Hertfordshire. We provide you with a stress-free process all the way from getting a quote to collecting/filling out the paperwork.

    Calculating Scrap Van Value

    The price you receive for your scrap van will be dependent on many factors including make & model, condition, and weight. You may also see scrap yards offering more money at certain times of the year due to the scrap metal market and whether it is up or down.

    Scrap My Van Best Price

    We always give the best price for all scrap vans. As a company, we pride ourselves on ensuring customers are getting the highest offers for their vans in the current market. Get your free instant scrap quote today and see how much your scrap van is worth.

    Why Choose Clayton Carz?

    • Get your van collected within an hour of accepting a quote
    • We offer collection of your van in a wide range of locations.

    • You get instant cash on collection, no waiting for bank transfers.
    • Rated “Excellent” by customers
    • Deal with a knowledgeable team

    Scrap My Van

    Van Scrap Yard FAQS

    What Documents Do I Need?

    You will need to prepare a few documents before deciding to scrap your van.

    • V5 Logbook
    • MOT Certificate or Service Documents
    • The Key to van
    • Form of ID (passport or driving license)

    Can I Scrap My Van With Flat Tyres?

    Yes, you certainly can. Our drivers are equipped to collect vans with flat tires. However please mention the flat tyres during the quote process to ensure we bring the essential equipment to remove your van without any issues.

    How Much Will I Get For My Scrap Van?

    When you enter the details of your van into our system many factors are taken into account to achieve the price we offer. The weight is one of the most important factors as generally larger vehicles are worth more in scrap metal so they become more valuable to our scrap yard. Next, the make and model. Certain vans contain salvageable parts or high-priced catalytic converters which makes them more valuable to us and that is why offer a high quotation.

    Can I Salvage My Van?

    Clayton Carz also buys vans for salvage. Speak to one of our team to discuss salvage van prices.

    Can I Scrap A Van If It Has Mechanical Issues?

    We accept vans in any condition, including those with mechanical problems. You should be aware, however, that a van with significant mechanical issues may have a lower scrap value than one that is in good working order.

    Should I Remove All Of My Personal Items Before Scrapping My Van?

    Before we collect your scrap van, you should remove all your personal belongings. Please note that we do not take any responsibility for items that are left behind. Make sure you thoroughly inspect the van before collection is arranged.

    Can I Sell My Van For Scrap?

    Yes, you can sell your van for scrap here at Clayton Carz. To get an instant van quote fill out the online form with the relevant information to get started.

    What Is The Time Frame For Scrapping A Van?

    Scrapping a van usually takes a few hours from beginning to end. You can start by getting an instant quote from us or any other scrap van company. Once your price has been generated if you are happy with the price we quoted then we can arrange collection of your van. The collection will be where paperwork and payment are sorted.

    What About The ULEZ Scrappage Scheme For Vans? 

    Scrappage schemes are put in place in London to allow drivers to scrap their old polluting vehicles and get newer vehicles which meet the current emission standards. A government grant will allow for help when buying the newer van. To read more on Scrappage schemes please click here.