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    Scrap Your Car For Cash

    If you’re looking to scrap a car for cash, then Clayton Carz is the company you need to call. We offer a scrap car collection service to all of the South East of England paying the most competitive rates at the current scrap car prices. If you’re looking to get a quote, please fill out our online form which will require you to tell us your car registration, the postcode where the car is, and contact details so we can contact you after you submit. Whether your vehicle is at the end of its life, broken down, or just junk we will still collect it!

    Scrapping Your Car In 3 Easy Steps

    What Cars Do Clayton Carz Accept For Scrap?

    Here at Clayton Carz, we can offer a collection for virtually any vehicle including vehicles that have been written off by insurance companies, cars that no longer function (Non-runners), Cars that have failed their MOT, and so on. We will give the best scrap price on any vehicle in any condition regardless of make or model. Contact our team today to get a price on your vehicle. Quotes offered are no obligation and cost nothing to obtain.

    What Documents Do I Need?

    When scrapping a car for cash you need to make sure you have the following documents available so we can be sure the process is carried out correctly and following UK laws. The documents are as follows:

    – The V5C Document.

    – If no V5C document, then we will need to see proof of ownership through a driver’s license or passport.

    – Also, if you have any additional documents like MOT history or service history that would be useful to us but not necessary for the process if you cannot locate them.

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    Do You Buy Commercial Vehicles?

    Due to our big network of drivers across the South East region of the United Kingdom, we can offer collection of scrap vans also. Need a scrap van quote? Call us today on 01277 887 223 and we can provide you with an instant scrap car quote.

    Why Choose

    We offer no obligation guaranteed scrap car price. We as a company provide ourselves on being transparent with the customer and providing the best service possible. This all starts when getting a quote. Whatever price you are offered from the initial quote we will pay on collection although if the vehicle was not described correctly then we will re-evaluate the price we offered at the start. To avoid disappointment please be honest with the condition of your vehicle and ensure to answer our questions truthfully.

    We offer collection to all of the South-East of England. Get in touch with us with your car details select the time and date and we will turn up and pay you cash for your scrap car. It is as simple as that! Why not get started now? No haggling involved.

    We offer fast payments to our customers. Clayton Carz provides themselves on offering payment on collection this way you can be sure you will not be worrying about whether you will be paid or not for your scrap car and whether you will need to contact further for payment.

    We take care of all paperwork on arrival to collect your scrap car. Our driver will ensure that all paperwork is filled out correctly and in full to ensure the DVLA is notified of you scrapping a car for cash.

    Is Scrapping A Car Good For The Planet?

    The trend of ethical and sustainable consumerism is bringing more people interested in reducing their environmental impact. This can be accomplished by scrapping vehicles. In our clean recycling centers, scrapped cars are recycled and their metal is turned into new products.

    This reduces greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to global warming by reducing the need for new metal mining. Additionally, scrap metal from scrap cars can be recycled into tins and other products. The result is that less waste goes to landfills and more precious resources are conserved.

    Newer cars are usually more efficient, and they produce less pollution per mile when compared to older ones. You can help the environment by scrapping your car today!

    Top Buyers of All Makes & Models

    We work with our network to ensure we can scrap any make and model of car.

    For a full list visit the manufacturers page.

    • Audi
    • BMW
    • Citroen
    • Honda
    • Fiat
    • Ford
    • Kia
    • Jeep
    • Mercedes
    • Volvo
    • Vauxhall
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    Read Our Scrap Car Reviews

    Very efficient! Collection and payment are hassle-free! Very friendly service from start to finish especially the guy collecting, great communication. I could not be happier.”

    “Thank you so much for helping me get out of trouble and taking the stress out of scrapping my car. Your service was just amazing, I could not fault them.”

    Easy to deal with gave me a price over the phone and took the vehicle away next day would recommend this company also did all paperwork no problems”


    As one of the best scrap car companies in the South-East region of England. We have scrap car drivers across all locations ready to collect your scrap car. Get in touch for a price now. All drivers who collect for us follow all laws and regulations to ensure scrapping your car is done correctly.

    For the best price on your scrap car ensure your vehicle is complete and have all necessary documentation to show on collection with of course the keys for the vehicle you are scrapping.

    Here is more of an insight into what factors will be used to determine the scrap car price:

    • Market supply and demand for scrap metal
    • The car’s make and model
      Size and weight
    • The age of the vehicle
    • Parts removed or not
    • The location of the place buying it
    You can contact the team at Clayton Carz one of three ways.

    1:Phone. Our phone lines are open from 7 am to 6 pm throughout the weekend so call us when you are ready to scrap your car quickly.

    2: Online Form. You fill out our online form with all your details and we get back to you with a quote. *Forms submitted outside open hours will be contacted the following day.

    3: Email. If you prefer to email and do not want to speak on the phone we are open to this communication as well.

    The whole process will not take long to complete. Here are the average times for each stage of the process.

    Filling out our contact form. Request a free quote by phone, email, or online. We need a few basic details about your car, including its make, model, and age.

    Response. We responded to all forms within 60 minutes during working hours.

    Booking collection. After accepting our quote, we’ll schedule a convenient time to pick up your vehicle. We provide our services throughout the South-East.

    Loading of your vehicle onto a car transporter. Typically, it takes 5-10 minutes to collect a scrap car, but this can vary based on the type of vehicle. If your car is accessible to the car transporter and you have all the paperwork prepared then your car can be loaded and paperwork can be sorted out.

    Payment. Payment is made in cash or bank transfer instantly at collection. We always pay before removing your vehicle.

    We have always ensured we offer a quick scrap car service and pride ourselves on doing so.

    If you are looking to keep a personalized number plate this can be done! What needs to be done is you will need to transfer the plate to retention or you can put it straight on another vehicle. Please visit the DVLA to begin the process of transferring the private number plate of your vehicle. If you are unsure about the process feel free to contact us.

    Removing parts from your vehicle will affect the overall scrap car price you will receive.

    If your car is missing parts please ensure to mention when we quote you this ensures we offer you an accurate price.