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    It has never been easier to scrap an Audi car with the help of experts. As a scrap vehicle removal and disposal company, Clayton Carz specializes in the collection, removal, and disposal of all scrap vehicles. Our collection services are available seven days a week for residents across London, Essex and Hertfordshire.

    Among the leading buyers of end of life Audi cars, we’ll get you the most competitive deal and in the shortest time!

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    • Accident Damage
    • End of life
    • Abandoned
    • Unwanted
    • Unroadworthy
    • Non-runner
    • Junk cars
    • MOT Failure
    • Salvage
    • Scrap

    The 3 Step Process

    We Scrap All Models Of Audi

    • A1
    • A2
    • A3
    • A4
    • A5
    • A6
    • A7
    • A8
    • Q2
    • Q3
    • Q4
    • Q5
    • Q7
    • Q8
    • S1
    • S2
    • S3
    • S4
    • S5
    • S6
    • S7
    • S8
    • TT

    How Will Scrap Audi Price Be Caculated?

    When it comes to scrapping Audis, there are a lot of factors to consider, including weight, model, age, and general condition.

    Among all factors, the weight is the most significant, as the more metal there is, the more money a scrap dealer will be willing to pay. It’s simple: the more money they can make from your car, the more they’ll pay you! It’s also critical to consider the model, age, and the condition of the car when getting an estimate. It’s likely that a well cared for, younger car will sell for more than one that has been through a rough life and is barely holding on.

    Reasons To Scrap Your Audi Car

    It’s likely that you have valid reasons for considering getting rid of your Audi. A vehicle that needs constant repairs or fails its annual MOT is a suitable candidate for scrapping. Scrapping a car may be necessary in a number of situations. Here are some of them:

    Scrapping your car is the ideal solution if it has been in an accident and is unsafe to drive. You will receive some cash back that you can put towards a new car.

    Audis can be scrapped for personal reasons. In the case of moving away and no longer needing a vehicle, scrapping it can provide you with an excellent solution that gives you money.

    Why Use Clayton Carz?


    “My car was picked up quickly and I was quoted a reasonable price for it. If you are looking to scrap your car, I highly recommend contacting them.”

    “My experience with Clayton Carz has been positive throughout the scrapping process! Their quote was great, and they took the car off my hands very quickly. A highly recommended company.”


    It is our goal to be an environmentally friendly scrap car dealer. In order to avoid contaminating local rivers and lands, we make sure every car that is crushed is properly stripped of all oil and chemicals.

    Not at all. There are no fees involved in our scrap my car process. Our only request is that you describe your vehicle properly so that we can offer you a guaranteed price.

    Yes, we collect commercial vehicles. Due to the time and equipment needed to move larger vehicles, our prices will be lower.