Abandoned and Nuisance Vehicle Removal

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    Abandoned and Nuisance Vehicle Removal

    As a recycler of ELVs, Clayton Carz provides services to Essex, London & Hertfordshire councils, parking contractors, building management companies, bailiffs etc.

    We have a number of total lift lorries that will be used to remove immobilized vehicles that cannot be dragged or further damaged.

    It is our policy not to remove a vehicle until an agent from those authorities has authorized its removal.

    Vehicles can be removed in the following situations.

    • Placed in a position that poses a serious health and safety hazard to other road users or pedestrians.
    • The vehicle was parked in a designated disabled parking space.
    • The car is parked in a suspended bay.
    • If the bus lane or bus stop is operational.
    • Continuing to evade, i.e. having 3 or more outstanding penalty charges.
    • Occupying a dropped footway while parked.
    • Contravening in a loading bay.
    • In a bay reserved for specific users, such as doctors, police, etc.
    • Keep clear markings on school grounds when parking.
    • Parking on the sidewalk

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