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    Scrap Car Yards Near Me For Cars

    So you’re looking for a “scrap car yard near me” to get rid of your scrap car. I assume you are looking for the best price with a quick and professional service. Well, you have found the correct company for you as we check all the boxes. What are you waiting for get in touch with us now and scrap your car for an excellent price.

    Our scrap car collection service is open all week including weekends. We can also collect in the evening and early morning if this is preferred. Also, we offer same-day payment for cars.

    We do not discriminate on the cars we buy. In fact we will buy any scrap car regardless of condition. So get your cash in the bank now.

    What Does A Scrap Yard Do With My Car?

    When your scrap car is taken into a scrap car yard. There are a number of processes the car will go through to eventually end up being just a shell of metal. This is explained below in three simple steps.

    The first process is depollution of the vehicle. This is where hazardous products materials and parts will be removed or drained from the vehicle. This is important to ensure these hazards do not affect the environmental landscape and ensure the scrap yards comply with laws to avoid getting in trouble legally.

    Next, the car will be dismantled. The main components of the car will be removed. This will include:

    • Battery
    • The Engine
    • The Catalytic Converter
    • Wheels
    • Any other parts that may be valuable

    Finally, the vehicle will be just a shell that can crushed and sold in metal weight.

    Do I Get Paid For My Scrap Car?

    Yes of course you do. We pay for your end-of-life scrap car. Our company pays some of the best rates for scrap cars across the south-east of England (London, Essex & Herts).

    What Does ATF Mean?

    ATFs are Authorised Treatment Facilities. These scrapyards specialize in handling scrap metal and hazardous byproducts from scrap cars in compliance with all laws.

    Do You Have A Scrap Car Yard I Can Visit?

    No, we only offer a scrap car collection service to our customers. We currently do not deal with walk-in trade at our facilities.

    Do You Sell Car Parts?

    No, we do not sell car parts.


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