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    Can I Scrap My Car Without A Logbook?

    v5 document

    The scrapping of a car is not something that is done everyday. It may be done when you have owned a car for many years and it has simply come to the end of its life or the car has major mechanical problems, regardless there is a good chance that by this time you would misplaced the V5/Logbook to your vehicle. This is no worry as you will be glad to here you can “scrap a car without a logbook”. Although the process becomes a little bit more complicated read below for a more in depth answer.

    V5 Document: What Is It & Why Do We Need It?

    A V5 Certificate certifies ownership of a vehicle. It is also known as a “V5C” or “Logbook”. The document is currently available in two versions. The type of document your vehicle will have depends on when it was last changed ownership or its age. V5 Certificates are the official ownership documents issued by the DVLA.

    The majority of people want to know that they’re buying a used car from the right person and that they have a clear record of its history before they buy it. Otherwise, they won’t know what they’re purchasing. This gives buyers important information like how many people have owned the car, how long it has been on the road, if it has been modified from its original state (such as repainted) and much more. Many potential buyers might not be interested in your car if you don’t have your V5C on hand.

    Scrapping, however, is basically selling your vehicle to a scrap yard for parts & the metal from the shell – not to someone else who plans to use it as a vehicle. So all of that information is irrelevant when scrapping your vehicle.

    Would I Be Able To Scrap My Car Without The V5 Document?

    Yes, you can. Since it is not a legal requirement, you can scrap your car without your logbook. It’s just a bit more complicated than if you retained the logbook, though. The DVLA will only charge you £25, and it will make the process of scrapping your vehicle much easier for you if you get a new V5C from them. Depending on how much your scrapping company quotes you for your vehicle, it may actually be worthwhile to apply for one.

    What Is The Process For Scrapping A Car Without A Logbook?

    Just the same as if you did have a logbook. You visit a scrap car website , call or fill out an online scrap car form for a price. Ensure you tell them there is no logbook. If your happy with the price quoted book your car in for collection.

    The difference between scrapping your car with a logbook and without logbook is that you will need to provide photo identification through a driver license. This proves you are registered owner of the car. Alternatively, you can produce a utility bill where the car is registered, and this will work also.

    Certificate of Destruction Information

    This document is important when scrapping your car as it proves that your car was indeed scrapped and not put back on the road. All ATFs should issue a COD (Certificate of Destruction) for every car that they buy for “scrap” Although please speak to the ATF to ensure a COD will be issued. This document gives the owner reassurance the vehicle has been scrapped and that are no longer responsible for the vehicle.

    Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) are scrap yards that follow specific rules and regulations when dismantling and disposing of scrap cars.

    DVLA Notification Of Scrap Car

    Informing the DVLA of the sale to the scrap yard can be done once your car has been scrapped and you have your certificate of destruction. In most cases, you can do this online if you have a V5C, but if you do not have a logbook, you will need to write to the DVLA.

    • Car Reg
    • Make & Model of the vehicle
    • Name and address of scrap yard
    • Date of sale

    The letter sent to:



    SA99 1BD

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