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    Can I Scrap My Car Without Wheels?

    It is unclear whether or not dismantlers will scrap a car without wheels – so here, we will explain in a little more detail on the subject of scrapping a car without wheels.

    If A Car Doesn’t Have Wheels, Will A Scrapyard Pick It Up?

    It is possible. No clear yes or no answer can be given. A wheel-less car may be rejected by some scrapyards. This might be due to two reasons. First of all, the scrap dealer may feel as though the job isn’t worth the added effort and time it takes to pick up the vehicle. In addition, it may not be possible for the scrapyard to collect a car without wheels because it lacks the necessary equipment.

    Alternatively, other scrapyards may be willing to assist you. Their equipment and recovery vehicles will be suited to the job.

    If you’re trying to scrap a vehicle without wheels, however you should be transparent with the company. Make sure that all the information about the car is included in the quote stage so that the dealer will be able to know the full story. As stated above the company will need to bring specialist equipment in order to collect your car, equipment they would not bring along to the standard job.

    Is Scrap Car Value Affected With Wheels Missing?

    A vehicle without wheels will, understandably, be worth less money if you scrap it. The scrap weight will be lower if the wheels are missing, which means overall scrap car value will drop. Nevertheless, this is not the only way in which the wheels may affect the price paid. A scrap dealer may place an increased price on the car if the wheels seem salvageable with resale value.

    As a result of the higher cost of collection, the scrap value of the vehicle dropping in weight. The scrap dealer will most notably offer a dramatically different price to a car with wheels.

    Do You Still Collect Cars With Flat Or Damaged Tyres?

    Scrap car yards will have an easier time moving a car that has flat or damaged tires instead of having no wheels all together. As long as your car can roll, it can be winched onto a recovery truck without any issues.

    Aftermarket Wheels On Your Car

    People often upgrade their cars with different alloy wheels. Of course, the new alloys are worth more than any normal set of standard manufacturer wheels. This is why some car scrappers may consider the removal of aftermarket wheels which is perfectly as long as they are replaced with a fitting set of stock wheels.

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