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    Can I Scrap My Car Without Keys?

    can i scrap my car without keys

    Losing your car keys is a hassle but something that is typical when cars are left sitting around on private land such as driveways for many years or decades. Scrap yards hear of this frequently and you will be glad to know that we can still collect your scrap car from you. Of course, this means the overall process will be more difficult for us as removal of the vehicle will become more of a challenge and we may need to use specialist equipment to collect successfully. Below we will go into further detail into everything you need to know when scrapping a car without keys.

    What Effect Does Lost Keys Have On The Scrap Car Price?

    The overall scrap price paid will be unfortunately lower in most cases. This is due to the overall time the vehicle will take to collect will be longer. As possibly the driver will need to gain access to the vehicle to load it onto a low loader/ recovery truck. There are two main ways this can be done. Firstly, the driver can smash a window and gain access to release the handbrake to allow the car to roll, then it can be winched on. Lastly, The car can be lifted using the equipment on a Hiab lorry this will prevent the window from being broken. A Hiab can be useful for newer vehicles that have electrical handbrakes.

    Is It Necessary For My Scrap Car To Be Unlocked?

    No. Scrap cars can be collected without the car being unlocked. A scrap yard can gain access fairly easily through the use of breaking a window of the car. Then the end-of-life car can be broken down for parts and the yard can make a profit.

    Modern cars have an ECU (Engine Control Unit) which allows the keys to be programmed to the car rather than just turning the ignition. Regardless of the key you get cut, if it isn’t compatible with your car’s chip, you won’t be able to start it; the immobilizer will prevent it, and other crucial electronics may not work as well. The cost of these newer electronic keys can be high, and this will restrict what can be recycled on the car.

    How Do I Prove I Own The Scrap Car Without Keys?

    If you cannot obtain any sets of keys for your vehicle, then no problem. Just ensure that you have the full V5 documentation upon collection. This document allows us to prove you own the vehicle. Some End-of-life treatment facilities may ask for photo ID in the form of a driver’s license or bill at the address the car is registered to. This is an extra check to ensure you are the real owner of the vehicle you are scrapping.

    What If I Do Not Have The Keys For My Car Or The Logbook?

    If either the keys or logbook cannot be found, then you can still scrap your car. You will need to prove you own the vehicle through photo ID (driving license) or a bank statement/ utility bill at the address the vehicle is registered. Please note some scrap yards may not accept vehicles without keys or a logbook. In this case, you can shop around and find somewhere that does.

    Does Clayton Carz Take Scrap Cars Without Keys?

    Yes, Clayton Carz does accept scrap cars without keys. We have established a large network of scrap car drivers with all the equipment necessary which allows use to collect such vehicles. If you’re looking to scrap a car without keys, fill out an online form or call us directly.